Megan and Andy’s Wedding – Suisun City, CA

Megan and Andy (or “Megandy” as they’re known to their friends) we’re married on May 15th, 2010 at  the Rush Ranch Open Space in Suisun City, CA. I love outdoor weddings, but especially when they’re in such a gorgeous setting as this.I remember thinking I would have loved just wandered around the ranch taking pictures even if there had been nobody else there.

The ceremony (officiated by a close friend of the couple) was moving and included toasts and songs from friends and family. The all-vegan catering was delicious, and the bride and groom are obviously very much in love, and I think it comes through in all the pictures of them.

My top 5 favorite things about this wedding:

  1. Rush Ranch Open Space
  2. Delicious vegan catering
  3. Wooden SPORKS!
  4. People playing Ultimate Frisbee in suits and dresses
  5. The groom’s daring leap over a barbed wire fence