Featured in Brides Magazine!

Brides.com recently featured my photos of Bess and Kristin’s wedding on their website. There’s also a two page spread of Bess and Kristin’s wedding in the fall issue of Brides: Northern California (scan below).

This is only the second time ever that Brides has featured a same-sex wedding, so I’m very honored that they printed my photos, but I’m even more happy that they chose this wedding. I hope this is another sign that the tide is turning in the fight for marriage equality in California.



Junko and Tatsuya’s Wedding – San Francisco City Hall

I shot Junko and Tatsuya’s wedding at San Francisco City Hall last November. A lot of people get married at City Hall, but this couple really had fun with it and made it their own. After the ceremony we took bridal portraits at Crissy Field. This was one of my favorite weddings I’ve shot and the whole thing was over and done in about two hours. Short but sweet!

Featured in Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride

Ever since I started doing wedding photography, I’ve been following a blog called Rock ‘n Roll Bride which features photos from unique and awesome weddings. The weddings that Kat features on her blog are always interesting, and a great source of inspiration for wedding photographers. So I’m super stoked that a wedding I just shot was featured on Rock ‘n Roll Bride today!


Bess and Kristin’s Wedding – Halfmoon Bay, CA

Kristin and Bess were married at the Tunitas Creek Ranch in Halfmoon Bay on June 6th, 2009. This was one of the most beautiful and stylish weddings I’ve shot, and I’m so happy that these two wonderful people have found each other. I can’t understand how anyone could look at a beautiful, loving, and committed couple like this and say that they don’t deserve the same rights as other married people. I’m very confident that sane thinking people will eventually win the fight for marriage equality in all 50 states, and in the meantime (as you can see) Prop 8 isn’t stopping same-sex couples in California from having awesome weddings