Jin was born in South Korea, and currently lives in the East Bay with his wife and son. He studied Cinema and Creative Art at San Francisco State University. Jin has been an avid photographer since his teens, and he’s been photographing weddings since 2012. Jin loves wedding photography for the festive atmosphere and the excitement that comes from spending time with couples on their big day. When he’s not taking pictures, Jin practices traditional Asian archery. 

In addition to being an incredibly talented photographer, Jin is just a great guy to have around. I’m constantly impressed by his unfailingly positive attitude and his dedication and professionalism when it comes to his photography work.

I first meet Jin a few years ago, when another photographer introduced us. I loved his work and later asked him to second-shoot a wedding with me in Half Moon Bay. On the way to the wedding, I hit some of the worst traffic I’ve ever seen, so I called Jin to let him know about the delay because I was worried he might arrive late. When he picked up the phone, he said he was already at the venue and asked me if I would like a coffee or anything.

That’s what makes Jin so great at this job. It’s not just about taking great pictures, although he does take great pictures. But it’s just as important to show up on time and to be a fun, calming presence on the wedding day. I have total confidence in Jin; he’s a fantastic photographer, a consummate professional, and he stays cool and keeps everyone smiling even when things get hectic.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with Jin for wedding or engagement photography, please email or use our Contact Page.

You can see samples of Jin’s amazing photos below.